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Chris Chappelle - Product Designer

👋 Chris Chappelle is a purposeful designer that believes in creating products that give people superpowers.

Products that help people be more generous, do things better, finish faster, and accomplish more.

For the past 6 years I've lead product design at Bright Funds. Along the way, I've learned how to take a product from an idea to what's now used by growing startups and established Fortune 500s.


Levelheadedness. I believe in making intentional, considered design decisions. I take the time to weigh the forces at play and deliver a high-quality experience that is appropriate for the situation.

Great ideas come from everyone. The experience of a product is the sum of all its parts. That means customer support and marketing as much as design and engineering. I collaborate across teams to find challenges and work through solutions.

Care. Care enough to go outside of the usual wheelhouse. Care enough to see a project all the way until it's complete. Care enough to pick it up, put it down, and pick it up again.

We, not me. I'm here to do great work together. Being generous comes as a natural result. Giving time and attention without expecting something in return makes sense because we're heading for the same goal.

Foundation Fund Product Design Case Study

Case study 1 of 3

Foundation Funds

Helping people make smart decisions with their giving.

Focus: New product offering
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Awareness and Engagement

Spreading awareness and increasing engagement
of Bright Funds within the workplace.

Focus: Engagement
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Foundation Fund Product Design Case Study
Foundation Fund Product Design Case Study

Case study 3 of 3


Developing a living styleguide for a consistent UI

Focus: Styling
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As a fullstack product designer, I work through Project scoping and ideation project scoping and ideation,
 Experience design icon experience design, UI design UI design,
 Prototyping prototyping, and Design implementation design implementation.